Democracy Project


We offer the following workshops around Democracy;

  • Introduction to Democracy
  • History of Democracy in the UK
  • Who is who in decision making?

What do these workshops include in the delivery?

Introduction to Democracy

What is Democracy? What does it actually mean?

The Local Budget, Decision Time

Decision Making, Who is who? Who makes the decisions that affect me and why?

History of Democracy in the UK

In this workshop we cover import dates in our democracy from when did women first get the vote, when did working class men get the vote, who was the Prime Minister during the first world war right through to modern day history such as the most recent general election and the 2014 Scottish referendum.

Who is who in decision making?

This workshop covers all aspects of decision making from national to local government.

Decision making can come in many forms from councils, Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, local town and parish councils, MEP’s, MP’s, MSP’s etc. but what do they actually do? In this workshop we will explore this and how you can have your voice heard in doing so.


How do I book or find out more information?

You can book a workshop by filling in the contact form below or by getting in touch with Andrew on or by phoning 01900 603131



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