Young People Entering Employment

A bar chart showing employability outcomes displaying the number of employment opportunities young people have secured during or after their time on a programme. *Jan 2022 - March 2024

Young People Gaining an Achievement or Qualification

Young people have gained achievements and qualifications through successes. Other accomplishments may include participating in extracurricular activities, volunteering, or receiving awards or recognition for their talents or contributions. They may also have obtained certifications or completed courses or programs related to their interests or career aspirations. These achievements and qualifications demonstrate their skills, knowledge, and dedication, which can be valuable assets in pursuing further education or employment opportunities. *Jan 2022-March 2024

Selected Outcomes

Cumbria Youth Alliance aims to bring about positive outcomes for young people in Cumbria. By utilising a Management Information System (Upshot), CYA has been able to identify and highlight key areas where significant progress has been made through its various activities. *Jan 2022-March 2024