Cyber Security Awareness Training

Get Safe Online’s ‘Police Cyber Protect’ programme is being distributed across the county to train people to be more protected against cyber crime. Hosted and funded by the OPCC in conjunction with The Cumbria Constabulary and Community Safety Partnerships, this training is designed to reach around 3000 people in the next three years as the course is spread further around the county.

Cumbria Youth Alliance publicised the event throughout its network to encourage the sector to upscale awareness of cyber security. Staff, youth workers, volunteers and member organisations attended and found the session useful and illuminating. Over the course of September, 6 half day sessions were organised throughout the county.

The cyber security course; presented by Alun Williams of GetSafeOnline, provided an in depth look at the severity of cyber based criminal activity and how it could directly affect you or the people around you. Detailed in the course were the means and methods of identifying and protecting yourself and others from these threats. The steps that should be taken to reduce your vulnerability to cyber attacks were also highlighted.

The goal of this course was to reduce the effectiveness of cyber based crime in this country by providing individuals with knowledge on how to protect themselves and others from this kind of criminal threat.

To learn more about how to be safe online and how to reduce your susceptibility to cyber based crime visit for more information.

October 25, 2017

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