The Emotional Resilience Project was a collaboration of strategic bodies and a wide variety of third sector providers working together to build confidence and self-esteem in young people aged 14 - 25 around the coastal communities of Cumbria. The overall goal of the project was to reduce the number of CAMHS referral's as well as improve partnership working with both young people and the community.

A huge thank you to the Big Lottery Collaboration Fund for the funding of this project led by Cumbria Youth Alliance and other funders.

It has been a very successful project and many third sector organisations have been commissioned to delivery services at a locality level informed by the needs and aspirations of the young people who have worked with us. 

Over the last 3 years, 7,454 young people have engaged and been supported on this project.

The capacity building elements of the project have allowed Cumbria Youth Alliance to cascade Youth Mental Health First Aid training and Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences Training. We have also been able to support many of our partners and providers to embed to 'Outcomes Star' as a tool so we a can all use similar methodologies to measure the impact of our work on the lives of young people. Being able to measure impact has been a key element of the project.

Below you can find all reports from 2019 - 2021

End of Year 1 Project Review 2019

End of Year 2 Project Review 2020

End of Year 3 Project Review 2021

In the link below, you can see the impact that the Emotional Resilience Project has had on many young people within Cumbria. Featured in the background music is a song performed by our very own young people with support from You Bring The Band.

There is also a video by Chris Salt and his team at Edgeways, who ran a series of workshops in West Cumbria based on the themes of bullying, masculinity, emotional resilience, and abuse. Here you can see what our young people say about what it has been like growing up in Cumbria.

Emotional Resilience Project Video