December 2022 Newsletter

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Stop Press - 'Places to Talk' 

I had a conversation with some of you about 'Places To Talk' in recent weeks. I said I would send you details of this CCC programme we are delivering.

This is about sharing experiences during lock down and is a population health intervention. If you have a group of young people who could watch the video and feedback thoughts on difficulties and issues around covid and resilience, they will be rewarded with £225 for a reward activity of your choice. This is open to the first 15 groups to respond and say yes. We need to complete and report back by end of January please.

Click here to view the webpage> There is a link to the CCC info on it too.

The videos are not designed for small children – at least secondary school age and upwards I would say.

If some youth clubs/groups wanted to have a discussion on the video’s, show them and chat through peoples experiences, we could provide funding for you to help them with that and buy pizza/refreshments or whatever for the discussion. We could go to approx. £225 x15 groups to promote, manage, fund the refreshments and report on any activity.

If this is of interest then please do come back to me,


Juan Shimmin