Teen Mental Health - A Guide For Parents

For many teens, COVID-19 meant missing out on some of the biggest moments in their young lives, with school closed and social events cancelled. Months in lockdown also meant a rise in cyberbullying and body dissatisfaction as teenagers spend more time on social media.

This guide from 'MyTutor' has useful tips and advice for parents to help their teens overcome body image issues, academic anxiety, peer pressure, and cyberbullying, including links to other important teen mental health resources - all of which can be helpful in these uncertain times.

Teen Mental Health - A Guide for Parents | (mytutor.co.uk) 

Guide to Menstrual Cycles & Mental Health:

Yoppie looks at the myths, misconceptions, truths and realities of the relationship between mental health and your menstrual cycle.

Some of the topics in this guide might interest you, such as: 

  • The link between menstrual cycles and mental health and how mood, sleep, and energy levels are affected during periods.
  • Understanding premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and its more severe form premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) - their physical and emotional effects, what to look out for, and how PMS and PMDD symptoms mimic other mental health conditions.
  • Useful self-care tips and wellbeing advice during your cycle - how the right diet, exercise, emotional and stress management practices help, and other useful advice and resources for women.