Young Inspectors Opportunity

Become a Youth Inspector

This is an exciting opportunity for 10 - 15 young people aged 14 - 24 to receive training and support to become part of a team of Young Inspectors. The Young Inspectors would take part in a number of online training sessions delivered by Youth Focus North West (YFNW). YFNW have developed this training as part of the National Young Inspectors Pilot Scheme. Once they have completed the training the Young Inspectors, with support from YFNW would undertake online inspections and assessments of organisations that have delivered programmes as part of the Year 2 and then Year 3 Emotional Resilience Project hosted by CYA. As well as undertaking inspections of ERP projects Young Inspectors would become part of the National Young Inspectors Network and may be involved in other inspections within Cumbria or other areas. If you are interested in this opportunity please click here for more information.

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