First Steps to Employment

Aimed at supporting young people into training, further education or employment.

To be eligible you need to be either not employed, in further education or not in training, this is what we call (NEET).

The intention is to help the you into a placement or to volunteer somewhere that is relevant to your chosen career.

Whilst on the placement you can access training that is meaningful and relevant at no cost to you. You will have a training and travel allowance to help you remove the worry over cost.

There are many forms of training, experience is one form of training that is important but you can gain experience on your placement.

There are other types of training and the more formal training (hard skills) is your main target. We will help you access the training as will your placement provider. You must complete training that is equivalent to an NVQ level 2. Most of this is portfolio building (developing a file of evidence) so is not difficult to complete, but you will be supported by your placement provider and regular visits from the Cumbria Youth Alliance.

When considering what you want to do here are additional opportunities available to you that may be of interest.

To get in touch you can either fill in a form b


Call us on  01900 603131  or Email –

This project has been made possible due to Francis C Scott Charitable Trust and Children in Need.

First Steps to employment Contact Form

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