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Together We Talk: EBSA Parent and Teen Support is a program dedicated to providing mental health support on a one-to-one basis to young people aged between 11-18 years. This support is tailored for those struggling to attend school, work, or education due to emotional well-being reasons. A Psychological Wellbeing practitioner will offer up to 10 sessions to equip young individuals with skills and strategies to improve their overall well-being.

In addition to individual support, we facilitate parenting support groups aimed at providing parents with the tools to support their teen's mental well-being.

How to Refer and Criteria

Referrals can be made via our referral form and email. Please find the attached self-referral form and professional form. Referrals can be submitted by email to or by phone at 0808 196 1773.

Criteria: This program is open to all young people experiencing emotional well-being difficulties such as anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues. We welcome referrals for young people with diagnosed or suspected neurodiversity such as ASD, ADHD, etc. Young people accessing the service should not be undergoing any further psychological well-being intervention (such as CAMHS, MyTime, etc.).