Call To Social Action

"A Call To Social Action" is a community-oriented initiative supported by mentors from local businesses, targeting young people aged 15 to 18 in Copeland and Allerdale. The project encourages small groups to identify and address community needs through a 4-week social action program. Mentors guide the groups in project development, presentation, and implementation. The winning group is recognized as the "Social Action Champion" and receives £400 of Dreamscheme money. This initiative not only addresses community needs but also provides significant employability benefits by meeting Gatsby benchmarks, fostering aspiration, and exposing participants to various career pathways through mentor interactions.

Key Features:

  1. Mentor-supported social action projects addressing community needs.
  2. Presentation to a panel of local judges, with one group awarded as the "Social Action Champion."
  3. £400 of Dreamscheme money awarded to the winning group for project implementation.
  4. Development of employability skills such as conflict resolution, communication, and critical pathway analysis.
  5. Fostering positive relationships, personal and social development, raising aspirations, and building resilience through mentorship.

A Call to Social Action Film

During 2022 and 2023 we created a film around the Call to Social Action project, we spoke to young people, mentors, teachers and Cumbria Youth Alliance staff about the benefits of the Call to Social Action project.

Pictures from A Call to Social Action