Looked after & Leaving Care Transition Project

Cumbria Youth Alliance help young care leavers age 15 - 24 with their transition into living alone. We at CYA help young care leavers understand what they are entitled to and where to turn for help. CYA help to:

  • Individually tailor support for young people leaving care
  • Create holistic action plans to progress and address any barriers
  • Individually tailor support for young people leaving care
  • Support young people with education/employment transition
  • Provide links to appropriate specialist agencies
  • Support young people with independent living skills
  • Support young people with raising aspirations


Are you 15 - 17 and in care or leaving care? We also offer the Stepladder of Achievement


The stepladder of achievement is a 6 module course for those aged 15 - 17 that aids basic living skills and money management. If all modules are completed a total of £1500 can be earned.

  • Module 1 Literacy £150
  • Module 2 Numeracy £150
  • Module 3 Making my money work £200
  • Module 4 Planning for the future £250
  • Module 5 Managing my money £350
  • Module 6 Mentoring £400

Supporting you with flat deposits, driving lessons or even further education.

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If you want to know more about this project call the team on 01900 603131 or contact Claire at clairep@cya.org.uk